Videos and Podcasts

I have joined Sal Khan for video chats about learning science generally and motivation specifically, plus I am a host of EdTalks at Khan Academy where I get to interview interesting people who are influencing education today (including one of my learning science heroes...)

The story of how we built Khanmigo, the AI-based tutor at Khan Academy

Ed Tech Insiders 3/20/23

Some thoughts on the future of assessment in our digital world

TheĀ  co-founder and host of The EdTech Podcast, Sophie Bailey, allowed me to curate and participate in a series of episodes relevant to learning and assessment. (Available where you get your podcasts)

#101 - Imagine [A World of Assessment without Tests]

#102 - Student, Software, and Teacher in Personalized Learning

#103 - Games-Based Learning: From Content to Creation

#109 - Making Data Work for Teachers

I spoke about Staying Motivated and Focused in the Virtual Classroom with the folks at in the Equal Parts podcast.

On an episode of the podcast Ahead of Our Time, "Learn Like It's 2030," host Ben Olsen and I have a wide-ranging discussion about the future of learning and assessment, skills we will need for future jobs, and my own career journey. (Available where you get your podcasts)